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I am a born and raised Texan girl who loves all things typical Texas. From the rodeo and cowboy boots to howdy and y’all, I do it all!

I am currently a personal trainer, fitness and nutrition coach and speaker. And let me tell you – it’s been a long journey to get here. Let me give you the Cliffs-notes version… My first job out of college lasted me for close to a decade and I became a champion desk-sitter as I performed the job that I appreciated, but didn’t love, well. I had a gym membership that continued  to drain $41 a month from my bank account each month despite the fact that I never went.  And I live in the time of fast food, restaurant weeks, food centered social gatherings and pint sized cookies and cream ice cream! As a result of that and more, my health began to decline at a rapid pace and I couldn’t seem to find the brake. It declined so much that I found myself, a 28 year old in the hospital emergency room for what was a suspected heart attack or stroke.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a diagnosis that day. And so, I began a two year journey of searching for an explanation. And through this journey I found my passion.  I found how food can heal. I found a love of lifting heavy things and making others lift them as well! And most importantly,  I found how to thrive in the midst of  radical change.

I journeyed from foodie extraordinaire, making (and eating) all the deliciousness to a non-food eater, making and eating nothing…at all…ever (or so it seemed) to creative, healthy foodie extraordinaire, making (and eating) new inventive deliciousness. I went from desk-sitter champion to gym hater to love-to-get-my-sweat-on (but still having a healthy respect for all things Netflix) fitness guru! (Disclaimer: I use the term guru loosely and mostly just for fun!)
I rediscovered my love of food and fitness and my passion for sharing it with the world! And now, you guys are my world! And want to share!

A few extra notes: I’ve got nieces and nephews galore! I keep toy army men hidden around the house to make me smile 😉 I have a healthy obsession with zoos. I love to cook for my loved ones. Cookbooks are my leisure reading. And I like when my clients complain that they’re sore from our workout. It makes my little trainer heart so happy. Oh, and I no longer eat grains, dairy, soy and a miscellany of others, but we’ll talk about that later.

For now, I hope you have a fantastic day!

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